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New Site

John Travolta a posted Feb 17, 12
We Have changed sites. Click the Link to get there!

Thank You!

-Moko29 (Alistair)
daeshik a yeah ill msg u it
darkness132 i cant make one but do u have facebook
darkness132 i havent seen you guys in months

Quick Update

gameswereus a posted Jan 12, 12
First of all I would like to apologize to all of our members. I know /home /sethome etc don't work. Four days will be added to each of your current subscriptions.

On another note, we will be upgrading our server hardware in the next day or two. Any lag issues you have been having should be resolved along with this. This will effect our current IP address, and I will ensure everyone knows the new one before upgrading. It will be something along the lines of

We are going to be accepting applications quite soon into our builder rank. Extreme measures will be made to make sure none of them are spawning items or abusing their power.

If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

As always, thanks, Ben


gameswereus a posted Jan 2, 12
We now have a Teamspeak server for everyone to enjoy! What is Teamspeak? It is a voice server program similar to Skype. You can download the program here. The server address is:

If you have any problems connecting, contact me in-game or private message me on this website.

Thanks, Ben
bendazpain Pati copy this - open up Ts3 and click connect in server address right click and paste it the...
pati12348 i just downloaded teamspeak3 and i don't know how to find the server


I_AM_CANTALOPE a posted Jan 2, 12
For all curent and incommng players, we would like to formaly appologize the sate of our current spawn. Several incidents have led up to it's destruction. We are once again sorry for this and have a new spawn currently under construction. We hope you will stay with us in light of this event.
Quantum And no one will touch the new spawn until i am on to work on it.


I_AM_CANTALOPE a posted Jan 1, 12
Now that it's almost ready it's time to anounce the up coming event for newzone. Within the next few days we are going to begin our new event, Zombie Survival. In this event, all participants are going to be thrown into an enclosed arena with nothing but the shirts on their back. You want to be the last man standing. To survive you need to find survival equipment spewn about the arena. The last one standing will get some kind of reward. (we are not sure yet) For anyone who isn't going to be a part of the event, it should be known that the world will be plunged into eternal night, until the event has finished.

We will continue adding events and new content, and hope you have a blast with this!